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Tungsten Ore Turnover Is Low

Tungsten   ore market was deserted today. The downstream manufacturers waited for   more sentiment. In addition, the production of smelters was not normal   and the consumption of tungsten concentrate was stagnant. As a result,   the transaction volume of tungsten ore was even more sluggish. At   present, the price of 65-degree black tungsten is trading at RMB   112,000. Yuan/ton, it is not easy to sell, but nobody sells it. Despite   the sluggish market conditions, the miners’ prices are still firm and   their willingness to cut their prices is not strong. It is expected that   the price of miners will continue to move forward in the short term.

Today,   the price of the black tungsten ore of Billion Network is quotations of   119,123,000/ton, and the price of scheelite is 111.1 to 122,000/ton.   The trading price is mostly at the low bid price.

A tungsten company in Yunnan said that it sold 100 tons of 60-degree black tungsten at a price of 1.55 yuan/kg.

A   tungsten company in Hubei said that it sold 30 tons of 55-degree white   tungsten, the price was 109,000/ton, and the current market price is   almost equal to this price.

A   tungsten company in Inner Mongolia said that it sold tungsten tungsten   with 30 tons of 65 degrees and the cash price was RMB 112,500/ton.

Once   this year, the price of tungsten ore reaches a basic daily limit of   11.1213 million tons per ton. This round of the market is no exception.   For the mining enterprises, although the cost has increased, the price   of tungsten ore has also increased, and this price can be profitable for   mining enterprises. Will   be shipped, and some traders have high ordering costs, high cost and   low inventory, traders are mostly wait and see for the price. However,   despite the fact that some miners want to sell, the downstream does not   necessarily meet the market demand. The overall market demand is   relatively light. In a short time, the ore price rises and power is not   available, and no one has a low price.

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