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Ministry Of Natural Resources Released Nine Major Industry Green Mine Construction Specifications

The   Ministry of Natural Resources recently announced the announcement of   nine industry standards such as the “Non-metal Mining Industry Green   Mine Construction Code”. This   is the first national green mine construction industry standard   released globally, which indicates that China's green mine construction   has entered a new stage of “having legal compliance” and will play a   strong support for the green development of China's mining industry. Safeguards.

The   nine industry standards released by the Ministry of Natural Resources   include “Non-metal Mining Industry Green Mine Construction Code” (DZ/T   0312-2018), “Chemical Industry Green Mine Construction Code” (DZ/T   0313-2018), “Gold” Industry   Green Mine Construction Code (DZ/T 0314-2018), "Green Industry   Construction Code for Coal Industry" (DZ/T 0315-2018), "Code for Green   Mine Construction in Sand and Stone Industry" (DZ/T 0316-2018), "Code   for Green Mine Construction in Onshore Oil and Gas Mining Industry"   (DZ/T 0317-2018), "Code for Construction of Cement and Lime Green Mines"   (DZ/T 0318-2018), "Code for Green Mine Construction in Metallurgical   Industry" (DZ/ T   0319-2018), "Code for the Construction of Green Mines in the Nonferrous   Metals Industry" (DZ/T 0320-2018), will be implemented on October 1,   2018.

Since the launch of China's green mine construction, we have achieved gratifying results. From   2011 to 2014, the former Ministry of Land and Resources actively   promoted the pilot work of green mines in accordance with the ideas of   “planning, government guidance, enterprise main body, association   promotion, policy support, pilot advancement, and overall promotion”. A   total of 661 pilot units in green mines have established a model of   green mine construction and played a leading role in demonstration. Green development and utilization, green and harmonious development has become the consensus of the mining industry. The   successful experience accumulated by the pilot mining enterprises in   the early stage not only has a good demonstration and reference   significance for other mines, but also laid the foundation and   exploration for the formation of the system supply and standards.

However, in general, the proportion of national green mine pilot units is still low, and the standards are different. In   order to comprehensively promote the construction process of green   mines and achieve the goal of “formally forming a green mine pattern by   2020” in the national mineral resources planning, in 2016, under the   guidance of the relevant departments and bureaus of the former Ministry   of Land and Resources, in accordance with overall planning, reasonable   structure, and scientific goals, Practical   and easy to operate, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and   related industry associations and companies have carried out research on   green mine construction requirements. After extensive consultation with   the opinions and suggestions of mining enterprises and competent   authorities in various industries, they will be submitted in December   2017. The   green mine construction specifications for coal, oil and gas, gold,   metallurgy, nonferrous metals, non-metal, chemical, sand and cement   industries were submitted for review, and on December 17, 2017, the   National Land and Resources Standardization Technical Committee passed   the conservation and utilization of mineral resources. The   standardization subcommittee reviewed and completed the green mine   construction specification in January 2018 (reported for approval).

It   is understood that the green mine construction specifications released   this time are mainly based on the characteristics of various industries,   such as mining environment, resource development methods, comprehensive   utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction,   technological innovation and digital mining, enterprise management and   corporate image. The corresponding requirements. The   combination of standard formulation and production practice fully   reflects its scientific and advanced nature, while taking into account   the actual situation and development level of green mine construction in   various industries in China at this stage, and ensuring the operability   of standards.

The   relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Natural Resources said   that the principle of compiling the green mine construction norms in the   nine major industries is to promote the rational use of resources,   energy conservation and emission reduction, protection of the ecological   environment and the harmony of mines as the main objectives, and   ultimately realize the economic and ecological benefits of resource   development. Coordinated   with social benefits, providing technical and management support for   the development of green mining and building green mines. At   the same time, through the formulation of standards, fully mobilize the   enthusiasm of mining enterprises, strengthen the selfdiscipline of the   industry, and enable mining enterprises to transform the external   requirements of efficient use of resources, environmental protection,   and promotion of mine harmony into the internal driving force of   enterprise development, and consciously undertake the conservation and   intensive The   use of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction,   environmental reconstruction, land reclamation, and corporate   responsibility for local economic and social development.

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