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Tungsten Market Analysis (1.4)-2021 "Good Start"

At the beginning of the new year, the tungsten market ushered in the biggest positive stimulus since the epidemic. The joint price increase of alloy companies is expected to drive alloy prices up by 20-30 yuan/kg, and powder prices are expected to gain more than 10 yuan/kg. At 210 yuan/kg of tungsten carbide, APT is hopeful to reach 136,000-13.7 million/ton, and tungsten ore has the opportunity to attack 90,000/ton. The current tungsten ore market continues to maintain a strong upward momentum. Tungsten mines and most suppliers have relatively ample funds. Although there will be some demand for cash out before the holiday, the overall supply of tungsten ore is relatively tight, and the transaction of 60 degree black tungsten is 8.7 10,000/ton, 55 degree black tungsten traded 86,000/ton, and the price of rough sand reached 1.24 yuan/kg degree.    The APT market was pushed up slightly under the support of tungsten ore, and the transactions stood at 132,000/ton. Some old customer relationships could barely get 131,000/ton, and the market price gradually increased to more than 133,000/ton. The powder market has relatively few orders at the end of December, and with the increase in alloy prices, the powder market will usher in the release of the Spring Festival stocking demand. It is expected that the later orders will gradually accept the market's slight price increase, and the transaction will gradually increase to 205 yuan/ The kilogram is close.   Comprehensive analysis, the haze of 2020 has passed, and the light of 2021 has been shining. With the expectation of global water release and the gradual recovery of the economy, the tungsten market, once a strategic metal, is expected to learn from the market in 2010, and the market can continue to rise.

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