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The Price Increase Is A Bit "Lively"

The recent tungsten market has maintained a momentum of continuing to push up, and as market news continues to report unfavorable conditions affecting supply and logistics, upstream suppliers have become more confident in their optimism, and some downstream companies have, in order to replenish inventory, Also have to accept high prices, so the recent price upward momentum has an accelerating trend, and even market expectations before the holiday may be raised. The current tungsten ore market maintains a strong momentum. The 55-degree black tungsten even traded at a price of 87,000/ton, while the high-quality black tungsten quotation has already appeared at a high price of 90,000/ton, but because APT manufacturers have not yet reached 135,000/ton recently. Tons, so the purchase is still a bit hesitant, and the transaction price of tungsten ore is still slowly pushing up. APT market transactions are gradually increasing. Since the number of orders before the holiday is not large, a few orders of 20 tons have brought new and higher quotations. At present, some trading companies are speeding up their quotations, hoping to avoid the 135,000/ There is a stalemate at the ton, and try to jump over it as much as possible, but the back-end transactions are slow to follow up, and the short-term price is still stalemate between 133 and 134 thousand/ton. The quotation of the powder market rises slowly, and the transaction follow-up is relatively slow. At present, the main tungsten powder quotation maintains 209-211 yuan/kg, the price of tungsten carbide powder is about 207 yuan/kg, and the transaction is 206-207 yuan/kg for tungsten carbide. Mainly powder 203-205 yuan/kg. Comprehensive analysis shows that the recent tungsten market performance continues to maintain an optimistic upward momentum, but the front-end tungsten ore and APT are more willing to push up, while the back-end powder and alloy market is slow. Although some stocking demand has been stimulated and released, it is worth worrying It is this kind of stocking that overdrafts the long-term demand after the holiday. The more lively before the holiday means the more sluggish after the holiday. Therefore, the market outlook cannot be blindly optimistic, and we must remain cautious and clear.

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