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The Final Sprint Before The Holiday

Before the holiday, the tungsten market entered the final sprint stage ahead of schedule. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many logistics units are unable to guarantee smoothness, making production companies unable to receive short-term orders across provinces. In addition, the APT market is about to usher in the suspension of production and maintenance, and the spot inventory is tight. The final stage of priceless market continues to push up prices, and downstream purchases are difficult to trade except for some traders who are just in need and bullish stockpiling. The short-term market will enter a "priceless market" state. At present, the tungsten ore market remains strong, with the quotation of first grade black tungsten reaching 90,000, the transaction of 60 degree black tungsten remained 88,000/ton; the transaction of 55 degree black tungsten remained around 87,000/ton, and the transaction of 65 degree white tungsten remained 87,500/ton. As tungsten mines will begin maintenance and stop production for a holiday, short-term shipments mainly rely on traders’ inventories. The APT market has zero orders and prices have gradually increased. The long unit prices of large companies have brought psychological support to the market. Some suppliers who do not intend to ship directly raise their quotations, making individual purchase orders smaller and higher prices, and bulk cargo transactions basically stand up 135,000/ton mark.   The powder market has basically remained stable. Due to the weak back-end procurement demand, only some powder companies have chosen to increase prices to cope with the rising trend of upstream raw materials, but the recognition of demand has been postponed to the post-holiday market. The short-term transaction of tungsten carbide remains at around 206-207 yuan/kg. Comprehensive analysis shows that the trading volume of tungsten market before the holiday is often at a low level. Under this kind of price and no market, it is helpful to raise the market price. As the price of long-term orders basically landed in January, the market as a whole went up to the psychological threshold price. Mine 90,000/ton, APT 135,000/ton, and tungsten carbide 210 yuan/kg have been sprinted in place, and the real high volume transaction is estimated to be finally recognized in the market after the holiday.

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