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Before The Holiday, Watch High And Not Speculate, High Is The Kingly Way

The recent tungsten market has become extremely active against the deserted normal before the Spring Festival. In the final stage, market quotations have risen sharply, igniting the bullish mentality of the entire market, and also stimulating the early release of forward stocking demand of some downstream processing companies. Supported by large-volume transactions, the final sporadic transaction order prices have been difficult to drive the overall market price upward. The market pays more attention to the support of the long-term quotations of large companies to the market, and whether the market can have sufficient demand to raise the market after the holiday expected. The large fluctuations in market prices this time are a major benefit to upstream tungsten ore suppliers and traders. Stockers within 85,000/ton accounted for the majority. Even though there was a large number of sell-offs around 87,000/ton, the market Soon the absorption continued to push up, making many traders who did not have time to sell goods again turned into a bullish mentality of reluctance to sell. The performance of the APT market is still working hard to alleviate the pressure of upside down. With the increase in tungsten ore prices and the decrease in spot inventories of APT manufacturers, APT companies have a strong mentality to raise their quotations. As most manufacturers are preparing to suspend production for maintenance, transactions basically It is stagnant, and everyone does not intend to sign too many forward delivery orders. The market will wait for the performance after the holiday. The powder market is currently the most passive. Since most powder companies received a large number of orders at the end of last year, it would be okay if there were funds to lock in APT raw materials, but if there were no funds to lock in raw materials, the purchase would be in an upside-down deadlock after one or two weeks of delay. The current APT spot Very nervous, powder companies cannot lock in raw materials and prefer not to take orders. According to comprehensive analysis, the tungsten market is basically priceless at this stage. It is expected that the market will enter a quiet period after the quotations of large companies and institutions are released today, but powder companies receive a large number of unpaid orders but require cash or less The awkward state of purchasing APT in the payment cycle will be difficult to reverse, but the Ganzhou meeting of this website in March will jointly promote the forward spot trading platform with Wuxi Stainless Steel Exchange, and reduce forward orders through the forward spot operation on the platform, but it is not locked. The risk of raw materials may become a new balance point in the market. A new level of development can be reached through the joint coordination of upstream and downstream. Even if the price of tungsten ore rises to 100,000, APT of 150,000 will not be an exaggeration, rather than just speculation. It is the kingly way to use the power of technology to raise the situation that has been hit by traders.

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