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(6.29) APT Market Low Consolidation

This   week, the APT market is weak and the market price will lose its support   after the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate's departure. At   present, the volume of bulk orders in the market is mostly between   178,000 and 179,000/ton, which is 0.2 to 0.3 million/ton lower than last   week. Decline,   market confidence is difficult to boost, most smelters believe that the   market is difficult to stabilize, is likely to continue to go, but   fortunately, the current factory inventory is small, and there are more   than a single phenomenon, superimposed production increased, for   profitability considerations, the market Fall space is limited.

Today,   billion net APT quoted at 17.8-18 million / ton, scattered single   transaction price between 17.8-179,000 / ton, more than 180,000 basic no   one orders.

A   tungsten company in Jiangxi said that APT transactions in the market   were mostly around 178,000/ton, and the price was down compared with the   previous period. There are still dozens of tons of goods not delivered,   and the factory first handed over the long single.

Jiangxi   Tungsten said that it is now buying minerals for others to process, and   now it is not easy to do so. There are very few downstream purchases   and the demand is not enough. It is believed that the market price   should go down.

Demand   for downstream purchases continued to be sluggish this month, with   transactions shrinking significantly from the previous month. This   phenomenon is expected to continue until the beginning of next month. In   the short-term, the market will continue to be weak and prices will   tend to weaken.

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